December 2018

A Time to Reflect
Once again, another New Year is upon us. And, once again, we are faced with the idea of “What shall we do with this new year?” What will we do [...]
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I-N-V-O-L-V-E-M-E-N-T Equals Church Growth
The early church grew (Acts 2:41; 5:14; 6:1,7; 9:31; 11:24). As we read of this growth explosion, we see the key role member involvement played. Christians were spreading the word [...]
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Not Everything is Fair
Modern popular theology leaves a person believing that if one will submit himself to God, “accept Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior,” and commit his/her life to the service of [...]
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Finishing the Race
There are many illustrations used in the Bible to describe our lives as Christians. We are warriors in His army (Eph. 6) and harvesters in His vineyard (Matt. 20). We [...]
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