Most of us know the song, “All To Jesus I Surrender.” (p 368 in Songs of the Church). In the song the writer stresses that we give up ALL to Jesus, that we love and trust him, and always in his presence live. The second verse stresses leaving all worldly pleasures, and the third verse emphasizes that we give ALL of ourselves to Jesus.

As we have studied some examples of faith in Hebrews 11, we see that all of these men gave up all for God. Abel gave up his desire to worship God in the way he wanted to, and gave to God what God alone required. Enoch walked with God, going in the same direction, on the same path, and at the same pace as God. There seemed to be no discussion that Enoch wanted to go anywhere else, other than with God. Abraham gave up home and possessions to go to a land where he would be a stranger and pilgrim all of his life. And, in Genesis 22, he was willing to surrender the son of promise simply because God told him to sacrifice Isaac.

We cannot know the feelings and emotions that Abraham went through as he was asked to give up his most prized possession – his son. Commentators emphasize that, in that pagan culture, the sacrifice of children was common, and showed these “gods” that the servants were serious about their religion. We know in the Mosaic code of law that God forbade the sacrifice of children (Leviticus 18:21; 20:2; Deuteronomy 12:29-31), so the question is raised, “Why did God command this to be done by Abraham?” Genesis 22:1-2 tells us that God was testing Abraham, and it is evident from the context that God would not have allowed Abraham to sacrifice his son. But did Abraham know this? The Hebrew writer suggests that Abraham believed that God was able to raise Isaac up, and he believed that because God said that Isaac would be the promised son, that God would fulfill his promise through Isaac. Abraham was willing to surrender ALL that day, because he knew God! He knew God because of his faith in God!

What are we willing to surrender?

Are we willing to surrender our sin to God? ALL OF OUR SIN?

Are we willing to surrender our lips that often speak things they should not?

Are we will to surrender our bodies to his service?   Are we willing to surrender our feet, to go to those who need encouragement or teaching? Are we willing to surrender our hands to serve others? Are we willing to surrender our fears and hesitancy in trying to tell others about Jesus and his death, burial and resurrection?

Are we willing to surrender all of our money for him and his glory?

Are we willing to surrender our families, if our families get in our way of our service to him (Luke 9:23-26; 14:25-33)?

Are we will to surrender our jobs and our means of livelihood if God asks?

Are we willing to surrender our lives for his glory?

Many of us are willing to make the big sacrifices, but it is the small, everyday sacrifices that make the difference. Jesus said that he who is faithful in little things will be faithful in big things (Luke 16:10-13).

God set the example for all of us – He surrendered his son on a cross to bring about our salvation. Jesus surrendered his will, his life, his all to the Father because of his trust that God would use his life to save mankind. He is not asking us to do anything that he himself was not willing to do. HAVE WE SURRENDERED ALL?